Heart thought from Louise Hay

“We are on an endless journey through eternity. We have lifetime after lifetime. What we don’t work out in one life, we work out in ¬†another. There is no death. Our spirit can never be taken from us for it is the part of us that is eternal. No argument can take it from us. No dis-ease can take it from us. No loss of relationship can take it from us. No death can take it from us for spirit is eternal. It is the part of us that goes on forever. All the people we know who have left the planet are still here in pure essence and pure spirit. They always have been, they are now, and they always will be. It is true that we will not connect with their physical bodies again, but when we leave our bodies, our spirit will connect. There is no loss. There is no death. There is only a cycling and recycling of energies—a changing of form. When we connect with our spirit, we go beyond all petty things. Our understanding¬†is so great. Our spirit, our soul, the very essence of who we are is always safe, always secure and always alive. And so it is.”

Written after the passing of her friend Dr, Wayne Dyer

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